Welcome to the House of Bread Network. This is a connection forum for churches and ministries who have a relational connection with Ted J. Hanson and House of Bread Ministry in some way. The intent of this site is to give an opportunity for ministries to communicate with one another if desired. It will also serve as hub for House of Bread Ministry to offer ministry resource and training tools to pastors and leaders.

House of Bread Ministry is involved in the United States, British Columbia Canada, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Bulgaria, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Angola Africa, Mozambique Africa, Guinea-Bissau Africa, and Madeira Island, Portugal. Some connections are direct connections with Ted J. Hanson, and some are connected less directly but still receive resource and training input from House of Bread Ministry.

House of Bread Ministry is committed to serve the body of Christ in embracing the hope of Christ’s calling, standing as the riches of His inheritance in the earth, and releasing Christ’s power of life to change the world around us and to the generations that follow.

House of Bread Ministry has a belief that is centered on New Covenant life, grace, personal intimacy with God in Christ, and a global harvest for the testimony of Christ’s glory. Individual churches and ministries connected to House of Bread have varied views and beliefs centered upon Jesus Christ as the foundation of the Church.

House of Bread Ministry and Church Connections – www.houseofbreadministry.org