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         Understanding Authority (Part 1):


This course is based upon the required book (Authority – Control? or Release!) and other teaching material by Ted J. Hanson

Subject Outline:

• What is Authority?
• Authority is Who You Are
• The Basis of Authority
• The Quest for Power
• Regaining Dominion
• Your Identity, Testimony, and Purpose
• Authority is Relational
• Discovering Who You Are

Most Christian churches and believers confuse power and authority. They apply the principles of subduing and dominion in Old Covenant ways. Authority always gives and it never takes. The church needs to be filled with members who are walking in their God-given authority. The church needs to be led by authority to become life-giving communities in the world.

For Your Benefit: Authority – Control? or Release! (audio book in chapters)

Preface –

Chapter 1 –

Chapter 2 –

Chapter 3 –

Chapter 4 –

Chapter 5 –

Chapter 6 –

Chapter 7 –

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Online Courses:

Generational Leadership is based upon Ted Hanson’s book – Generational Leadership. It brings to light treasures from Ted Hanson’s many years of relationship with God and leadership in the church. This course reveals keys to influencing the generations and will activate readers to grow and progress in maturity and destiny. It will empower leaders and influencers to unlock destiny and release a multi generational inheritance in the church. Link To Online Course

10 Tests In The Wilderness:

This is a Leadership Course concerning 10 Tests set as examples to us in the journey of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land. Every leader needs to now how to pass these tests and to lead others into the same overcoming grace. It is part of the process to becoming manifested sons of God in Christ.
Link To Online Course

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