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Available June 2022

The Redeemed Earth - Healing the Curse of the Fall: Youtube Video Course

These are a free course of Christ Life Training, the training expression of House of Bread Ministry. These teachings are based upon Ted J. Hanson's book: The Redeemed Earth - Healing the Curse of the Fall. Videos are color coded on cover for suggested weekly watching. There are 36 videos that are approximately 15 minutes each for 8 weeks of subject and discussion.

An additional 4 Videos that are approximately 15 minutes each for extra material

Link to PDF Manual for all videos in this course:

Redeemed Earth WB


  • Week #1- 5 - 15 minute sessions -  Introduction
  • Week #2- 5 - 15 minute sessions - Curse #1
  • Week #3- 5 - 15 minute sessions - Curse #2 & #3
  • Week #4- 6 - 15 minute sessions - Curse #4 & #5
  • Week #5- 4 - 15 minute sessions - Curse #6 & #7
  • Week #7- 5 - 15 minute sessions - Grace Introduction
  • Week #8- 6 - 15 minute sessions - Grace Foundations
  • Extra Sessions - 4 -15 minute sessions - Beyond Group Participation
  • A 1 hour Group Zoom Meeting each week is possible in some cases

The curse came through a government called, “the knowledge of good and evil”. Man’s knowledge of good and evil resulted in a curse upon the very ground of the earth. This course examines the seven things that happened in the fall of man and presents how these seven aspects brought futility to the earth. There were seven curses that came into the earth as a result of Adam’s fall. Those curses affect our everyday lives. We even take some of those curses as being normal, everyday life. Jesus Christ came to the world as the Son of Man to break the power of those curses in the earth for all of mankind. He came to restore men to a relationship with God as their Father. Understanding the futility brought into the realm of men at the fall of Adam sets a foundation for seven aspects of overcoming grace brought to us in Christ Jesus.

  • The Curse of Spiritual Warfare
  • The Temptation of the Fear of Death
  • Submerged in Another Testimony
  • The Curse of Control
  • The Curse of Apathy and Distracting Things
  • The Curse of Human Logic
  • The Curse of Nirvana

This course is based upon the book The Redeemed Earth - Healing the Curse of the Fall,  by Ted J. Hanson -


Paperback & E-book on Amazon

Audiobook on several sources & more to come:


Online Courses:

Generational Leadership is based upon Ted Hanson’s book – Generational Leadership. It brings to light treasures from Ted Hanson’s many years of relationship with God and leadership in the church. This course reveals keys to influencing the generations and will activate readers to grow and progress in maturity and destiny. It will empower leaders and influencers to unlock destiny and release a multi generational inheritance in the church.

10 Tests In The Wilderness:

This is a Leadership Course concerning 10 Tests set as examples to us in the journey of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land. Every leader needs to now how to pass these tests and to lead others into the same overcoming grace. It is part of the process to becoming manifested sons of God in Christ.
Link To Online Course

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