Network Values

Values in the Network may vary – these are the Values of House of Bread Ministry:

  • We believe in a Kingdom theology and the faith to see a victorious church and a global harvest rise in the earth.
  • We see the raising up of the “Tabernacle of David” among the nations – A free Spirit of liberty and worship in the manifested presence of Christ. A freedom unto life and a breaking of the bands of religious bondage.
  • We actively pursue the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry by the five-fold ministry.
  • We believe in the priesthood of the believers and the work of Christ’s ministry through the saints.
  • We believe in the discipling of the nations through local church ministries.
  • We believe in the need of connecting through relationship rather then common purpose.
  • It is out of relationship that common purpose will be found.
  • We believe in God’s unfathomable mercy and amazing grace.
  • We proclaim a message of the power of God’s grace and not a message of law.

Noble Cause:

  • To disciple nations through relationally connected local expressions of Christ’s church in the present sound and testimony of God’s grace working in the earth.

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