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Hello to Everyone;

I hope you are all well as you have entered into 2019. As I am stepping into this new year, I am impressed that it is a new season that requires new strategies, new tools for connecting, and new resources to assist us in our journey of destiny in Christ. All of the RIM guys are moving forward in various things that God has entrusted to them. There is a great diversity of ministries and church communities that are connected to Andrew, Bob, David, John, or me in some way. If you are connected to one or more of us, you are by relationship connected to RIM. RIM is not meant to be an organization, but a connection of relationships that have come about because of relationships that God established with the five of us long ago. Each of the five of us have ministry streams that flow out from our lives in some way. This year we want to make more resources available to everyone through our network of relational connections. You have found that all five of us are very different in our style and our approach to things, but we all live for a global plan of a glorious and victories church that reveals the testimony of Christ in the earth.  Andrew is pursuing some great strategy and building of resources for establishing the G42 communities ( Bob is continuing to offer pastoral training and counseling training at various levels ( New tools and resources are being developed. David is continuing to raise up another generation in reaching many places with kingdom life influence through his involvement with churches in the Netherlands as well as training and mission connections he has at United Life Academy in Ashville, North Carolina ( John is continuing to reach the people of Prestatyn, Wales with the testimony of love, life, and family ( I am continuing to bring training to a growing segment of the Portuguese speaking world as well as many churches and ministries through House of Bread Ministry and training through Christ Life Training ( Like all five of us, I am working on some tools and resources to help you in your ministries. Look for more information coming your way via our website and emails.




Ted J. Hanson

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